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Isaiah 61:3

"...a planting of the Lord for the display of His splendor." 


Reflections & Recovery Ministries Faith-Centered Therapeutic Sober Living Facility provides a safe haven for substance abuse recovery where residents can step back from their normal routine and focus on changing the thought patterns which led them into the addiction cycle.


Our comprehensive approach provides participants with counseling and mentorship in seven primary areas of life ranging from physical health to employment. This approach allows participants the opportunity to see the impact of their addiction on all aspects of their life and find healing.


The R&R Home’s current residents are engaged in working on their Teen Challenge curriculum, parenting classes, employability classes, writing short and long-term goals, healthy relationship building and continue to grow their ADL (Activities of Daily Living) skills, and more. Residents benefit from one-on-one sessions with our treatment therapist as well as group sessions every week.


Currently, the Transitional Living home is a women’s only facility. Reflections & Recovery is excited at the prospect of being able to open a men’s home at some point in time. Reflections & Recovery works alongside all facets of the judicial system and is honored to be probation and parole approved.



ACE Overcomer helps teens and adults overcome the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). There are many mental, physical, and spiritual effects to those who endure childhood abuse and household dysfunction. This curriculum was designed particularly for aiding individuals in overcoming the anxiety, stress, and wounded spirit associated with an abusive background. The dynamic lessons aim to strengthen individuals to let go of damaging patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and habits. 


Reflections & Recovery is proud to be able to bring this reformative and exceptional teaching to the CCDC Transformation classes, 12-Step Program, and the Ladies Transitional Living Facility.

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