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Reflections and Recovery has a heart for transforming the lives of lost, forgotten, struggling, wounded, and desperate people. Many residents of the Chaves County Detention Center share these same battles. Hurts, habits, and hangups often are what lead individuals to poor choices and subsequently, incarceration. Preventative help is crucially important, but it is also equally vital to educate them use their time behind bars to reflect, grow, and prepare themselves to rejoin society successfully when they are released. 


Our educators provide Faith-Recovery based classes aimed at: 








Reflections and Recovery has one session every Thursday on the men’s side of the jail and every Wednesday two sessions on the ladies’ side. We always remind our CCDC class participants to continue the recovery process by becoming part of our 12-step when they are released. 


The response to the jail classes is astounding and we are honored to be asked to be part of what is happening at the Chaves County Detention Center. Fill out an application and join our group of volunteers as we minister to the incarcerated at CCDC. For more information, please contact

Transforming Attitudes

   Transforming Families

      Transforming Finances

         Transforming Desires

            Transforming Spirits 


ACE Overcomer helps teens and adults overcome the effects of adverse childhood experiences (ACEs). There are many mental, physical, and spiritual effects to those who endure childhood abuse and household dysfunction. This curriculum was designed particularly for aiding individuals in overcoming the anxiety, stress, and wounded spirit associated with an abusive background. The dynamic lessons aim to strengthen individuals to let go of damaging patterns of thoughts, behaviors, and habits. 


Reflections and Recovery is proud to be able to bring this reformative and exceptional teaching to the CCDC Transformation classes, 12-Step Program, and the Ladies Transitional Living Facility.

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